30 Gifts for the Last-Minute Holiday Shopper

Covetable gifts for everyone on your list—all from one shopping cart.

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12 Celebrities on Not Being Sample Size in a Sample-Size World

"It's like, 'Ugh, god, can't you just at least get a regular size, like a six or eight or something?'"

Celebrities Support Kim Kardashian After She's Robbed at Gunpoint

In the words of James Corden, "be nice or shut up."

See Beyoncé's New Fall Collection for Ivy Park

Scope out the looks before you shop.

15 Statement Earrings So Good You Don't Even Need Makeup

Woke up like this. (Then I put in some floral shoulder dusters.)

12 Ideal Outfits for Navigating That Tricky Summer-Fall Period

Sumtumn? Fall...er? Whatever it's called, it's handled.

The Celebrity Birthday Style Lookbook

Put the plastic tiara down and step away.

Solange Knowles Is the New Face of Michael Kors and She Looks Ah-Mazing

::points at everything:: "Gimme, gimme, gimme."

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10 Graphic Tees That Just *Get* You

Say it all with what you're wearing.

30 Photos of #CoatPorn to Hold You Over Until It Finally Gets Cold Enough

::heavy breathing:: ::Barry White plays::

Your Complete Guide to Fall's Biggest Fashion Trends

Start your engines.

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15 Fall Date-Night Dresses Because Making Decisions on Tinder Is Hard Enough

Disappointment never looked so good.

The Best New Wearable Tech Devices You Need in Your Life

What a time to be alive.

10 Print Combos You Own but Never Thought About Wearing Together

Get ready to see plaid/leopard/stripes in a whole new way.

The Only Two Kinds of Sunglasses That Matter Right Now

All others need not come out of storage.

Your Fall Jacket Guide Because It's Never Too Early to Start New-Season Outfit-Planning

That back-to-school feeling with none of the awk and all of the being-able-to-buy-what-you-want.

9 Fascinating Facts About Team USA's Sparkly Leotards

They get as many fittings as a wedding dress!

10 Corset Tops for When You've Got Balmain Taste on a Not-So-Balmain Budget

No other article of clothing does so much for boobs.

How to Master Summer Sale Shopping Like a Pro

We took a field trip to the sale of the year with fashion expert and It Girl Shiona Turini.

How to Look Great at Work, According to 3 Women with Fashion Dream Jobs

What corporate chic looks like at the Nordstrom headquarters in Seattle.

9 Things Selena Gomez Did to Get the Body She Has Now

Her trainer Amy Rosoff Davis is sharing all the details.