Made in New York

With more women-run startups than anywhere else in America (that includes you, Silicon Valley), the Big Apple is now home base for legions of young female entrepreneurs, like these moguls in the making. Want to run this town? Join the club. Fashion editor: Rae Boxer. Photographs by Charlie Engman.


made in new york
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    Made in New York

    "Every single block, every single window, represents a different life with a different set of dramas, triumphs, and failures. I find that both reassuring and inspirational." 

    —Kathryn Minshew, 27, founder of The Muse, a job-hunting site for young professionals, photographed along Pier 42 on Manhattan's East Side

    Dress, $1,398, Ralph Lauren Black Label
    Sandals, $595, Michael Kors
    Backpack, $4,400, The Row

    Charlie Engman
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