Beyoncé Just Rocked Hair as Long as Her Dress

Beyoncé's latest look will make your jaw drop.

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Beyoncé always manages to surprise us with her style choices, especially as she continues to look impeccable in everything she wears. And this week was no exception, as Beyoncé debuted the longest hair you've ever seen, which literally was longer than her dress. Seriously, you're about to have major hair envy.

And not only is Beyoncé's new hairstyle logistically impressive, it's a major change from how she's recently been wearing her hair:

According to TMZ, Beyoncé was spotted leaving the Mandolin restaurant in Miami with her husband Jay Z on Thursday night, while sporting the super long hairstyle:

Perhaps what's most impressive about Beyoncé's new look, is that her miniskirt is actually shorter than the length of her hair. As usual, Beyoncé looked completely perfect.

In honor of Valentine's Day, Beyoncé recently dropped an entire capsule collection on her website. The Valentine's Day 2018 Capsule includes a King of Hearts longsleeve top featuring the singer, and a Beyoncé-themed phone case with the message "Bey Mine" on it. Who needs flowers and chocolates when you can own Valentine's Beyoncé merch?

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Prior to debuting her knee-length hair, Beyoncé and her family attended the Grammys, where daughter Blue Ivy made quite a stir. In a video that went instantly viral, Blue Ivy was seen telling her parents to chill as they were applauding.

In a simple gesture, Beyoncé and Jay Z's eldest child successfully seemed to take control of her parents, getting them to calm down and appear a little less enthusiastic. The family that slays together, stays together.

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