How to Go Heavy on the Highlighter, as Demonstrated by Gigi Hadid

Without resembling a disco ball.

Cherub-faced model Gigi Hadid packed quite a bit of shimmer onto her eyes and cheeks last night for the 2015 Much Music Video Awards, which might have been over the top for Canada, but who cares because they're polite and she looked amazing. *Chorus of heavenly voices.*


We've got some contouring going on—SHE DID THE SWEEP AND LIFT TECHNIQUE, YOU CAN SEE IT—but the real Taylor Swift of this beauty squad is the highlighting, courtesy of makeup artist Grace Lee. See those flashes of light under her brow bone, in the inner corners, on the apples of the cheeks, and just a smidge on the chin, like she's been caressed by a My Little Pony's mane? The reason the luminizer plus the rose-gold eye aren't overkill is that the sparkles are ultra finely milled and in the same tawny, bronzy shades as Gigi's tawny, bronzy skin.

For your own touched-by-a-unicorn complexion, try the Maybelline Nudes palette ($10).

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