Kendall Jenner Goes Barbie Blonde

We totally saw this coming...

Update, 8/21: While her older sister Kim went platinum blonde back in March, Kendall appears to be more favorable to a golden Barbie hue, based on the Instagram she posted last night:

Is it possible that the Instagram composite below, showing the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan with platinum dye jobs, foreshadowed Kendall's walk on the blonder side?

Original, 3/ 20: Clearly (or at least) hopefully inspired by sister Kim's recent hair transformation, Kourtney Kardashian shared the Instagram composite above over the weekend, captioned "Do blondes have more fun?!" I guess by "fun" she means "kill wild game animals and drain their blood," because looking like this the family would fit right in with the vampire ladies from the Denali coven in the Twilight movies.

And to answer Kourtney's own question based upon the photos she used, it would seem like five out of six Kardashian blondes sure do have more fun—but maybe not Kylie. She looks a little washed out, right? Now can mama Kris really make this 'do happen, please. (Also, Kanye. Blonde Kanye would be a revelation.)

P.S. If that weren't enough Kardashian hair news for the morning, here's a lovely series of photos of Kim with chic pastel-colored hair. She should really consider a grey blue color while she's got the opportunity.

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