Chrissy Teigen's Pan Am-Themed Birthday Party Looked So Damn Fun

Kim Kardashian was there smoking fake cigarettes.

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Chrissy Teigen just turned 32, and threw down with a party that has us suffering acute FOMO. The chef/model/living legend/fan of old bananas decided to host a Pan Am-themed bash, and not only did she dress up as an airplane flight attendant, John Legend dressed in an old time-y hat.


And he sang her a song:

And they had vintage magazines for guests to read:


And Chrissy made a super sweet speech:

But more importantly Kim Kardashian was there with Kanye West, and she just WENT for the theme:

As did Kris Jenner, tbh:

Also Kim smoked a fake cigarette:

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Best party we've ever not been invited to!

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