The 9 Most Revealing Things from Jennifer Lawrence's 'New York Times' Interview

She once Googled "Jennifer Lawrence Ugly."

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Jennifer Lawrence gave a new interview (opens in new tab) to The New York Times on Wednesday and in it she channeled Great Aunt Betty at your cousin's wedding after her fourth glass of wine. As in, she doesn't hold back about anything. It's not unsual for Jennifer to be blunt (it's kind of  why she's so beloved), but nonetheless, it's always refreshing to see how she handles fame. Below are the nine best things she revealed about herself and her career.

1. She once Googled "Jennifer Lawrence Ugly." That seems like a terrible idea for anyone to do, but Jennifer jumped into the deep end of the Crazy Cake Ocean. "You try being 22, having a period and staying away from Google," she said. Noted.

2. On some level, she still cares about what people think of her. "I do." she said. "I just can't pretend I don't care. I get really insecure about it. The world makes an opinion of you without ever meeting you. That worry should not bother me, but it does."

3. She picks up dog poop. Her dog thinks a hallway in her new home "is a lost land where I never go and that she can use as her own personal bathroom."  True #doglogic. 

4. The first time she emailed Amy Schumer she wrote "I'm in love with you."I emailed her after I saw "Trainwreck," Jennifer said. She confirmed she and the Inside Amy Schumer star are working on a script (opens in new tab) and have about 100 pages done.

5. She procrastinates on important stuff, just like you.  "I memorize my lines in hair and makeup," Jennifer said. 

6. She's not afraid to speak up when it comes to work. "Early on, you wear clothes you don't want to wear or say the sound bite you didn't want to say because you're afraid to speak up or be rude. And then you start to feel like a puppet." But all that's changed now, Jennifer said.

7. But past public incidents (such as her stolen private photos leaked online) have made her very gun-shy about being candid. "I can see every negative way that people can take it, and I don't want to sound like I'm complaining," she said. "If it were up to me, I would not talk. I would just act."

8. She really was that excited about meeting Kris Jenner (opens in new tab) "It was the closest I've ever come to losing consciousness." I understand this feel. 

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9. Her friend had a sex dream about Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth. Cast member Woody Harrelson texted Jennifer that he had a dream about her after shooting on the final film ended. "And then Josh [Hutcherson] called me and told me he had a dream about Woody. And then my friend came over to my house and told me she had a sex dream about Liam." It is good to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence and have your wild celebrity sex dreams shared with The New York Times. 

Bonus: How does she deal with the intense anxiety that comes with being one of the most scrutinized, admired, and sought after celebrities on the planet? "I have a prescription."

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