Absolutely No One Showed Up to Wait in Line at Beyoncé's Ivy Park Topshop Launch in NYC

"Why are people not here? It's Beyoncé. I don't understand."

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Since it was announced, people have been dying over the launch of Beyoncé's highly anticipated womenswear athleisure line for Topshop, Ivy Park. The collection, which hit stores today, is the type of collaboration that people wait hours in line for, trample each other for — you get the picture.

My mouth dropped when I showed up for the launch of Ivy Park at Topshop's Soho location in New York. There was not a single person in line.

No camping out overnight, no eager shoppers. It was so quiet I could hear the birds chirping. All I saw were people walking their dogs and grabbing their morning coffees. Where was the Beyhive? I couldn't have been the only one who cared. Because Beyoncé.

The doors were set to open at 10 a.m.

Here was the scene an hour before the launch...

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Thirty minutes before the launch...

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Fiften minutes before the launch. Finally, a few dedicated members of the Beyhive did come out to play.

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They were shocked by the low turnout too.

"I woke up and saw the hashtag and could see that London had crazy lines, so I felt like I had to rush to get down to the store," said one shopper, Krystal. "Why are people not here? It's Beyoncé. I don't understand."

"Everyone's into the athleisure look right now so I thought this was going to be down the block," said another shopped named Emily. "I'm so surprised."

They were shocked but also excited because they didn't need to fight each other over the Ivy Park bodysuit (that they all wanted, and so did everyone else on the internet). By the time I left the store, only two of those bad boys were left.

When the doors opened, I was expecting a mad dash. Nope. It was very calm.

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Don't get me wrong, people did show up. It just wasn't the massive crowd everyone expected.

Cornelous Danzey, Topshop's creative brand manager, was shocked too. His team has been prepping for this day for over a year now. "I was thinking people would be lined up down the block," he said. "I follow Beyoncé on Instagram and everyone's raving about Ivy Park."

But he's sure the crowd will pick up over the weekend. "I think we made it apparent that Ivy Park is now a part of Topshop's brand. It's not just a one-week collaboration that's going to sell out and disappear — this is going to be with us continually throughout the season," he said. "The clothing in other store collaborations are very theatrical, but this line is more wearable. It's all about comfort and it's not about show."

A Topshop employee in the Soho location got word from her friend who is a manager at the Fifth Avenue location that hardly anyone showed up for the launch there either.

"It's different from other Topshop collaborations like the the Kendall + Kylie collection that was only here for a month. This is going to be here forever. I think people are assuming it's expensive and it's really not," she said.

Danzey also assured that shoppers have nothing to worry about if pieces do sell out, because Topshop will be restocking the collection every two weeks.

So if you didn't make it out of bed this morning to support Bey, don't even stress it. You have time to shop the collection for as long as you want.

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