Watch Kendall Jenner Make Bird Noises for Vogue's 73 Questions

Mama Kris also makes a cameo!

Kendall Jenner is the star of Vogue's latest round of 73 Questions. She covers a lot of ground, naming her favorite beauty product (red lipstick), favorite movie (The Notebook), and even her favorite sister of the moment (Khloé). But perhaps the highlight of the clip comes when Kendall performs her hidden talent: making bird noises. Her noises are so believable that one would expect Cinderella and her bird friends to make cameos but Vogue took things to the next level and went with something better: Kris Jenner.

She first appears in the video while wearing a construction outfit because she's been tasked with turning Kendall's old room into a planetarium (LOL).

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Kris also beckons from one of her signature lemon dresses near the end, when she embarrasses Kendall from her famous magazine desk (which is literally a desk full of magazines).

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Elsewhere in the clip, Kendall also gives viewers a brief tour of her mom's shoe closet (but sadly, not Kris's Birkin bag closet, which must have been installed shortly after this was filmed). Look at all those Yeezy Boosts! Mama Kris, if you ever need to do some purging, I'm a size 6.

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