These Photos of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in Paris Have Me Fully Convinced That Their Wedding Is Imminent

*starts hyperventilating*

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  • Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are currently in Paris, France, sparking speculation that their wedding will be very, very soon.
  • Joe and Sophie sent out save the dates for a 2019 wedding in France back in December.

    While you're busy boppin' to "Only Human" and day drinking today, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are maybe-probably preparing for their wedding in France. And yes, I know that they're already technically husband and wife because they got married in Las Vegas last month, but this their more formal ceremony that likely won't include an Elvis impersonator.

    Back in December, it was leaked that Joe and the Queen of the North Sophie were planning to get married this summer in France, and it looks like the time has come, friends! And we have a couple of reasons to think this:

    1) Us recently reported that Sophie and Joe are going to get married in late June. And guess what? It's late June, people!

    2) Joe and Sophie have both already had their bachelor/bachelorette parties. Sophie's involved taking all of her friends—including Maisie Williams—to Spain on what looks like a private plane and eating McDonald's onboard (lol), and Joe's involved taking his friends on a yacht in Ibiza, and partying so hard that the cops were called on them THREE times. Impressive!

    3) Joe and Sophie are in Paris—which is in France, for those of you who don't know—right now! In late June! Please see some of the scenic Instas that Joe has posted for proof:

    The two have also been seen heading out to dinner with friends and shopping (see pic here), so it's possible that they're just vacationing for a bit until their big day, however, there are only eight more days left in June soooo either way, it's going to be soon!

    Other details that have leaked about the wedding include that "the decor is going to be sophisticated," that there will be a "really wild cake," and that the Jonas Brothers are expected to perform. I'm just hoping that Diplo attends so that he can livestream the whole thing!

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