Kendall Jenner Dyed Her Hair Blonde and Looks Like a Totally Different Person

Who is this?! 😱

  • Kendall Jenner dyed her hair blonde.
  • She posted a video on Instagram using a blue-eye filter that made her look like a totally different person.
  • Her hair looks similar to Kylie Jenner’s current golden shade.

Minus that one time she dyed her hair platinum blonde, Kendall Jenner tends to keep her strands dark, dark brown. The model’s hairstyles are usually low maintenance, but she just got a major dye job that matches her billionaire sister’s current style and will definitely require some intense care. Let me warn you right now: She looks like a completely different person. Like, COMPLETELY.

Yesterday afternoon, Kendall posted a video of herself trying out a new Instagram filter that gave her icy blue eyes. The filter was so shocking that it’s understandable if you didn’t even notice she was showing off her new golden-blonde hair color.

kendall jenner blonde hair

(Image credit: Instagram)

This is the first really good view of Kendall’s new hue that she’s posted, but judging by her Instagram feed, she’s been rocking this look at least since mid April. Check out how light her hair is as she walks her dog outside:

You can also get a peek of it in Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s new music video:

It’s unclear if anything specific prompted this change, but the week before her dog-walking photo, she posted a throwback of herself with platinum blonde hair during fashion week. Maybe the pic was a hint that she was already thinking of dyeing it, or maybe she decided she missed having lighter hair and switched up her look after posting. Who knows, honestly! And who really cares, because it looks great!

When Kendall tried blonde hair for fashion week, she only kept it around for a few days before returning to a deep-brown shade. But since we’re all self-isolating and she probably doesn’t really have to think about changing her hair color for modeling jobs right now, she could keep it around for much longer this time.

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