Kendall Jenner Poses in a Chic Yellow Floral Bikini

Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker, and Justin and Hailey Bieber spent a few days at a lakefront home in Idaho, where they reportedly enjoyed some end-of-summer lake time together. Although there wasn't any Instagram-grid record of the four sharing time on their trip, Kendall took plenty of photos.

In the first photo she shared, she's wearing a floral yellow bikini from Heavy Manners. The top sells for $100 and the bottoms are also $100. The top ties in front and has a very relaxed, retro feel to it—perfect for some lake lounging.

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As Pop Sugar noted, she is also pictured lounging in an HVN cherry bikini; the top retails for $95 and the bottoms for $75. The top is currently out of stock.

Although there isn't much evidence of anyone else joining Kendall on her trip, there is another pair of legs featured in a photo around a bonfire.

kendall jenner bonfire

Hailey Bieber also commented on Jenner's montage, which was captioned, " i 💛 lakes." She responded: "and lakes 💜 YOU."

Kendall hasn't exactly been following California's stay home order during this global pandemic. She and her sister Kylie traveled to Utah with friends in July. For her part, Kylie has been traveling internationally during this crisis. She and her friend Fai Khadra were in Paris last month, taking photo shoots on rooftops and not wearing masks.

Booker seems to be Kendall's constant travel companion this year, but it turns out they are "just hooking up" and "aren't serious."

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