Beyoncé's Super Cute Home Video of Blue Ivy and Jay Dancing Is Goals


(Image credit: Getty)

Dethroned Instagram monarch Beyoncé might have taken a blow to the follower count recently, but when it comes to projecting the appearance of familial bliss, she's still on top.

In between sunning themselves on luxury yachts and wearing flower crowns on their dreamy Italian vacation, the Knowles-Carters also danced in their swimsuits to Lauryn Hill's "Can't Take My Eyes off of You," as seen in this Instagram music video. (They also spooned fresh passion fruits, which, TBH, has to be the most envy-inducing detail from the clip.)

Third place who? We'll take Bey's top-shelf content over an "Aw shucks, I'm so awkward lol" pic any day. #bowdown

Chelsea Peng
Assistant Editor

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