Casual: Kendall Jenner Might Have Gotten a $100,000 Vintage Corvette for Her Birthday

They see me rollin.

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So far, for her 20th birthday, area youth Kendall Jenner has received a blowout party (opens in new tab) (*which Drake attended and maybe danced (opens in new tab) at*), a place in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (opens in new tab), and oh, you know, just a 1957 Corvette valued at $100,000.

According to E! News (opens in new tab), the repeat winner of Instagram's Most Liked (opens in new tab) and pal Hailey Baldwin were spotted cruising around Beverly Hills in a turquoise Chevrolet, which could very well have been a gift, considering the Kardashians' recent automobile-buying/pimping spree. (Kylie's Ferrari (opens in new tab)Khloé's velvet-wrapped Range Rover (opens in new tab), etc.)

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How might one feel right now if one were also a 20-something Scorpio? Not spectacular, but thanks for asking.  

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