Khloé Kardashian Says the Rumors About Her Having Fake Body Parts Are Actually Encouraging

"It's like, 'Okay, I made it. Now I'm really working out.'"

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Khloé Kardashian has taken the healthy road, wrote a book about it, and made it into one of Amy Schumer's jokes. (So, #success.) But the 31-year-old has also been the subject of tabloid speculation—are those body changes all from the gym? Or could they be from a knife/needle/insert-plastic-surgery-reference-here? 

"When I started working out, it wasn't about weight loss; I was going through a really hard time and needed an emotional release," she told Redbook (via E! News). "Once you start getting in the tabloids claiming you have fake body parts, then it's like, 'Okay, I made it. Now I'm really working out."

As for another part of her life that's been under speculation—her relationship with Lamar Odom—Khloé sets the record straight. 1) Yes, she still loves Odom 2) Yes, she's still dating James Harden. 

"Our family brings a different amount of—not fame—attention. Instead of just being known for his talent, he's now known for being someone's boyfriend," she says of her relationship with Harden. "We're used to it, but for a person new to this, I'm like, 'Oh, God. I'm sorry.'"

The bright side of all of this? There's always Kris to lean on for support.


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