Khloé Kardashian Plays "F**k, Marry, Friend-Zone" with Disney Princes, U.S. Presidents, and Comedians

Oh hey, Bill Clinton/no hard feelings, Aladdin.

In true Khloé Kardashian fashion, the reality star hosted a good ol' round of "f**k, marry, or friend-zone"—because the latter is way worse than death, obvs— and generously shared the results via her website.

The mix of contenders included Disney princes, U.S. presidents, and some of the funniest ladies in comedy and her kinky truths have us in stitches 😂. Here's how it went down.

Round 1: Funny Ladies

F**k: "I'd definitely f--k Sarah Silverman. She's smoking hot, haha!"

Marry: "I'd marry Tina Fey because she seems like she'd be a good wifey."

Friend-Zone:  "I'd friend-zone Chelsea [Handler] because we're good friends in real life and I love her!!!"

Round 2: Disney Princes

F**k: "I'd f--k the Beast—I did want to f--k the Beast back in the day, LOL."

Marry: "Of course I'd marry Prince Charming. No brainer!" 

Friend-Zone:  "I'd friend-zone Aladdin because he doesn't do it for me, but I'd let him take me on a magic carpet ride, haha!"

Round 3: POTUS-Style

F**k: "[I], LOL!"

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