Uhm, Jennifer Lawrence Might Play Robert De Niro's Mom in Her Next Movie

And that would make her how old?!

Jennifer Lawrence
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Thought Jennifer Lawrence was too young to play the titular character in Joy? Gird your loins (you're welcome), because she's reportedly playing Robert De Niro's mom in David O. Russell's next movie.  

In an interview (opens in new tab) with Live! With Kelly and Michael, Lawrence said David gets "crap" for giving her parts that she's technically too young to play, and has responded by trolling everyone. "David is making something right now and the plan, so far, is for me to play Bob De Niro's mother," she explained. "I think that the more people give him crap about me being too young for his parts, he's like, 'Oh yeah, watch this'—so we'll see."

In case the age difference between Lawrence and De Niro wasn't already apparent, she's 25 and he's 72. So, to believably play his mother, J.Law would have to pass for even older than that. Huh.

Word on the street is that David O. Russell's directing a biopic about racketeering politician Buddy Cianci (which De Niro is producing), so it looks like Lawrence's next Oscar-nominated role could be the geriatric mother of a convicted felon.  *shrugs*

Jennifer Lawrence

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