Beyoncé Goes Outside in Baggy Coat, Everyone Immediately Thinks She's Pregnant

Halt, rumor mongers.

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If the gossip rags are to be believed, Beyoncé has been pregnant 37 times now, with the current unborn Babyoncé holding the Guinness World Record for longest residency in a womb. But it's not logic that keeps the lights on, so once again, Beyoncé Might Have a Fetus Growing Inside Her.

As seen in a series of new photos, the apparently hyper-fertile singer crosses her arms over her stomach as she and her husband Jay Z exit a West Hollywood restaurant before hitting up the Golden Globes after-parties. So what's the big deal? Beyoncé covering or otherwise obscuring her body + the oversize paint-splattered army jacket = BABY ON BOARD.

Or…she's got a case of vacation bloat. Or...she just had the kind of blowout dinner that ends with petits fours. Or...we could just wait until she tells us.

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Chelsea Peng
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