Chrissy Teigen Tweets About the Weird Use of "Oriental," Is Then Made to Regret It

"Just a heads up that this all began from me preferring my salad dressing not being called 'oriental.'"

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Who knew a salad-dressing tweet could start such a firestorm?

Let's go back to the beginning. Chrissy Teigen was on a flight this week where she saw "oriental dressing" as an option on the menu. As is her M.O., she took to Twitter to explain that while she doesn't necessarily take offense to the word, she 1) thinks it's inappropriate, and 2) is weird to be using in this day and age.

Twitter users then came for her, railing about how she may not find it offensive, but others certainly do, and complaining that she had never talked about her heritage/represented or stood up for Asians before now (um, check her Snapchats, people).

We have a lot of thoughts, but mostly this one:

The internet—what a precious gem. Read the full exchange on Chrissy's Twitter.

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