What's Inside Beyoncé's Bag (According to 'Broad City' Star Abbi Jacobson)

The title of Abbi Jacobson's new book says it all: You won't want to put it down. Check out our exclusive early peek inside Carry This Book and our convo with the comic powerhouse.

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(Image credit: Illustration by Abbi Jacobson)

What's in a person's bag can be quite revealing, says Abbi Jacobson, one half of the BFF comedy Broad City on Comedy Central. (Fun fact: Jacobson started her career as an illustrator and already has two coloring books (opens in new tab) under her belt.) In her new book of colorful illustrations, Carry This Book (opens in new tab), out October 25, she digs into the theoretical bags of notable people, from Michelle Obama to Queen Bey.

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Abbi Jacobson

(Image credit: Patrik Giardino)

"It's fan fiction," she says. "I am fascinated with what people carry around with them. Your things can say so much about you."

Take, for instance, the contents of Beyoncé's bag, pictured above, which Jacobson imagines as an AmEx black card, a copy of The Secret, and a Cheerios-filled ziplock bag labeled "Blue Ivy." Oh, and Angry Birds: "She must have a wide array of interests, just like all of us. Everybody has guilty pleasures—it was fun to make them just like us, playing the dumb apps we all play," she says. "A lot of shit that Beyoncé does is normal, but we would never see that part of her. She's probably not going to Starbucks with a gift card, but I'd like to think she might."

So what's in Jacobson's bag? "My laptop, reading material, sunglasses, lip gloss, a big pen...." she trails off. "And a whoopee cushion."

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Abbi Jacobson\'s book is out October 25 (Viking)

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This article appears in the October issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now.