Chris Hemsworth Apologizes for Dressing Up as a Native American on New Year's Eve

"I was stupidly unaware of the offense this may have caused."

Chris Hemsworth
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Chris Hemsworth celebrated New Year's Eve 2016 at a Lone Ranger party, where he dressed up as a Native American—a decision we can all agree was not a good look for many reasons (the least of which is reducing an entire indigenous group to a stereotypical costume). But while the phenomenon of celebrities in iffy costumes is not uncommon, apologizing for said iffy costumes is—and Chris Hemsworth did just that.

While voicing support for Standing Rock and the Sioux Tribe, Hemsworth took it upon himself to issue a formal apology for his costume, saying it had been weighing on him.

"I sincerely and unreservedly apologize to all First Nations people for this thoughtless action," he writes in the post below. "I now appreciate that there is a great need for a deeper understanding of the complex and extensive issues facing indigenous communities."

It's up to the aforementioned indigenous communities whether or not to accept Hemsworth's apology, but claps all around for him taking the time to do the right thing.

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Mehera Bonner
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