In Which Outback Steakhouse Flew Someone to Chrissy Teigen's House for Bloomin' Onion Lessons and She Fell Asleep

But at least we all can cherish this picture of Luna forever.

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This is Chrissy Teigen:

She is a supermodel/chef/TV host who loves food, and has recently become obsessed with Outback Steakhouse's Bloomin' Onions.

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In fact, she's so obsessed with Bloomin' Onions that Outback actually flew someone out to her house just to give her a lesson in making them.

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The only problem? Chrissy fell asleep during her lesson.

Which, to be fair, she has done before:

But the good news is that John Legend is now a Bloomin' Onion pro.

And Luna Legend now owns this amazing onesie.

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This has been an update.

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