Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Being Nerdy on Vacation Is Everything

To dust off 2016's go-to hashtag, #relationshipgoals.

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are currently on vacation in Sardinia with hairstylist Jen Atkin and her husband Mike Rosenthal, and they've reached new heights of nerdy cuteness thanks to a game called Math Off. Which basically involves shirtless men attempting to do math. It's completely wonderful, and kinda makes us feel like we're on vacation too even though, LOL, nope.

In case you can't tell, Chrissy and John are having a great time, and their photos are next-level FOMO inducing:

Here's John Being Confused by a Life Vest

And Perching Atop a Rock in His Swim Trunks

Here's Chrissy Diving with a Noodle

Here's Everyone Being Extra

By Which We Mean Extra Fabulous

Extra Exra

Here's Chrissy Pretending to Wear Heels

And Finally, More Noodle Hijinks

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