(Mis)Adventures in Fashion

Hippie Hipsters?

I'm worried that I'm noticing a new trend in "cool." Last night I was out at a bar in my hip neighborhood and lots of the hipsters were dressed like…hippies. Intarsia knits and Mexican ponchos were all over the place. Is it Jesus-chic? Long-haired boys with biblical beards and severe side parts abounded. Are patchouli oil and mandals right around the corner? As women's haircuts get short and chic (see Katie Holmes et al), Brooklyn men are going scraggly. Maybe we bought the thrift stores out of 70s glam and 80s punk. Maybe all that's left is late '60s Partridge-family knits. There is, after all, only a finite supply of truly cool vintage clothes to go around. And that worries me.

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