Sagging Interest

DVR Dispatch

The Screen Actors Guild Awards last night…zzz…oh, sorry, I dozed off. The short version of the snooze-inducing awards show? Endless tributes to old movies and old men. Blah, retro-looking tan backdrop. Stiff presentations. Snoring-boring speeches (Where was the music signaling that it was time for the old men to stop speechifying and get off stage?). Some of the winners looked confused about where the stage even was.

Isn't Hollywood supposed to be sexy? SAG was about the unsexiest show since the Three Stooges. Note to SAG: Sex it up. Flash the camera on Brad and Angie in the audience (who even knew they were there till the end of the show?). Shorten the speeches. Get the old guys off the stage, and replace them with more women wearing killer gowns. Show us some glam, man!

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