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Pact Wants You to Protest Coal ... in Your Underwear

Pact, one of our favorite cause-based, sustainabley manufactured, ethically sound, design-driven underwear companies ever, has just released their newest collection — and like all of their products, this line is about a lot more than looking good in your skivvies.

The new collection, "Beyond Coal," was born out of collaboration with Sierra Club in an effort to raise awareness and educate people about the public health and environmental dangers of coal, advocating the use of cleaner fuel sources. Like every pair of Pact underwear, 10 percent of each sale goes toward the cause.

To ring in the new design, "flesh mobs" have been flashing their underwear in protest of coal use. The most recent demonstration took place yesterday in Washington, D.C., where over 100 Sierra Club Coalition students dropped trow to expose the fact that 37 D.C. metro-area deaths occur annually because of the Potomac River Coal Plant.

Due to the gravity of the cause and the seriously flattering cut of Pact's underwear, flesh mobs have been turning up at college campuses across the nation. To find out more and purchase a pair, visit www.wearpact.com

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