My First Curation for Summer Rayne Oakes' Sustainable Website!

Amanda Hearst opens up about her family's love of nature in Source4Style, a new sustainable textile website.

Source4Style is a fantastic website founded by my good friend, model and eco-superstar Summer Rayne Oakes. Summer and her team scour the globe in search of the coolest, most innovative, most sustainable textiles so that buyers and designers can have access to these desirable fabrics. It's a great concept, and I've become such a fan of the site that I'm now a Source4Style curator!

So, what that means is that I along with fellow curators model Angela Lindvall, designer Ada Zanditon, and eco pioneers Julie Gilhart and Livia Firth create monthly "curations" in which we talk about our travels and experiences, what inspires us, and why we support sustainable design.

Click here to check out my first curation. In it, I talk about my approach to sustainable fashion and how my family estate in upstate California has inspired me creatively. Let me know what you think!

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