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Whether they're trying out new products, sharing personal tips or commenting on the latest trends, our style council of in-the-know bloggers brings you their chic opinions from across the country…and around the globe.

Lifestyle writer, TV personality and editor-in-chief of the award-winning blog, BeautyBets.com, Elizabeth has been beauty-obsessed from the very beginning. Raised in Minneapolis by surprisingly low-maintenance parents, she spent her awkward years buying Mood lipstick and whipping up DIY face masks before embarking on an editorial career that has included Aveda, Kiehl's, Target, Nordstrom, and an illustrious list of publications. When not test-driving products or obscure spa treatments, Elizabeth likes to take long hikes with Mr. Bets and their white lab, Molly Thomas, drink champagne, and plot new ways to escape to a warmer climate. Photo: Woodnote Photography

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Dara is a beauty junkie newbie with a serious nail lacquer addiction. Realizing she had an affinity to painting her nails once, twice or three times a week, Dara decided to start her blog Dark Berry Beauty (aka DBB) in 2011 as a way to log all her polish adventures. DBB serves as her public beauty diary because she shares every aspect of her life that has to do with beauty and health.

Siobhan is the writer of A Girl and a Beauty Blog. The 24 year old lives in London has been blogging for the past 18 months. She's a beauty junkie and alongside finishing her education, starting a company and moving into the world of social media, she spends her spare time shopping around for the latest beauty must-haves and giving the newest quick-fixes a go. On her blog you will see reviews, hauls and swatches alongside some good old beauty chat!

Growing up a true blooded girly-girl, Lindsay has loved all things beauty since she got her grubby little hands on her first sparkly lip gloss. It was only a matter of time until her obsession took on a life of its own. She set out to master at-home hair dyeing, the perfect smokey eye, and the all-intimidating face contouring. Her dream became a reality when she turned my love of beauty into a career. After stints at top fashion and beauty magazines, Lindsay and a friend decided to take everything they knew and loved and create their very own fashion and beauty website. Kiss&Wear was born, a tell-all featuring new products and old favorites, how-tos straight from industry experts, and the latest buzz.

Catherine Hageman makes the most of her fashionista tendencies in her small Indiana hometown. She pries herself out from under her many pets each morning to go brighten the world of corporate marketing. You can follow her sartorial adventures on her blog Small Town, Big Wardrobe.

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Rachel (The Ray) and Roberta (The Ro) were friends first and blogging partners second. They started their blog two years ago after bonding over their love of shoes and each others distinct styles. The Ray and The Ro is their creative platform for their love of fashion, trends, and their different perspectives on style.

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