Easy Summer Outfits That Are Just Four Pieces or Less

Throw 'em on and go.

A woman walking down a street in a summer dress
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Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons, but somehow has a bad rep when it comes to getting dressed. People love layering in cozy sweaters come fall (opens in new tab) and adorning themselves in scarves and a coat in winter, (opens in new tab) but when we have to dress for warmer temperatures, the same tender sentiments just aren’t there. The secret to deciding what to wear for this season is the same rule my tenth-grade writing teacher used to preach: keep it simple, stupid! And while Ms. Trent's advice was crucial for my report card, it's also applicable for getting ready in the summer mornings. Build yourself a tight wardrobe with a few good pieces and rotate them out during the June, July and August months. Below, we curated seven outfit options that are perfect for looking chic, getting out the door, and enjoying the day. Because that’s what summer is all about—soaking in the carefree energy.

A woman in a linen jumpsuit

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A woman wearing a bright green suit jacket, white tank top, and jeans.

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A woman wearing a mustard yellow hooded top and skirt

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A woman wearing a light green tank top, tucked into dark green leather pants

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A woman wearing an orange blazer jacket over a white top and orange shorts

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A woman wearing a white vest top and beige pants

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A woman wearing a pale purple shirt and light yellow pants

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Day 1

A collage of the clothing from the 'Day 1' look.

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A Cali girl’s dream. Finding a good-fitting Bermuda short often proves a challenge, but these hang high on the waist and hit right above the knee, giving them a flattering fit. For this look, layer a sweater over a crew neck tee shirt. This pick from Naadam is at an unbeatable price.

1) Raey t-shirt (opens in new tab), $90 2) Naadam sweater (opens in new tab), $75 3) Slvrlake shorts (opens in new tab), $265 4) Staud sandals (opens in new tab), $265

Day 2

A collage of clothing from the 'Day 2' look.

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A white eyelet babydoll is quintessential summertime piece. While this mini-dress can be worn solo, pair with biker shorts and leave unbuttoned from the waist down to give it an extra twist. Pointed-toe flats will give it a polished touch and are an elegant yet practical summertime shoe choice.

1) Rebecca Taylor dress (opens in new tab), $325 2) Bernadette bag (opens in new tab), $695 3) ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo shorts (opens in new tab), $175 4) Salvatore Ferragamo flats (opens in new tab), $675

Day 3

A collage of clothing from the 'Day 3' look

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A woman on the prowl. This mesh leopard dress is made of breathable fabric and perfect for summer temperatures that tip the scale. Pair with a matching clip for an effortless hair-do that takes no more than 30 seconds. And just like that, you're good to go.

1) Ganni dress, (opens in new tab) $345 2) Valet Studio hair clip set (opens in new tab), $80 3) Simon Miller sandals (opens in new tab), $390

Day 4

A collage of clothing from the 'Day 4' look

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Draping at its finest. This asymmetric blouse from JW Anderson layers nicely over a mid-length, breezy skirt. The strappy sandal helps taper the look; top it off with an orange lip.

1) JW Anderson top (opens in new tab), $618 2) Dior lipstick, (opens in new tab) $38 3) See by Chloe skirt (opens in new tab), $161 4) By Far sandals, (opens in new tab) $293

Day 5

A collage of clothing from the 'Day 5' look

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Here is your dress alternative—a good jumpsuit. Add a strappy sandal and a chic pin in your hair and you're dressed and ready to go in two minutes flat.

1) Nanushka jumpsuit (opens in new tab), $321 2) Deborah Pagani hair pin (opens in new tab), $90 3) Raen sunglasses (opens in new tab), $150 4) Proenza Schouler sandals (opens in new tab), $620

Day 6

A collage of clothing from the 'Day 6' look

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The shade synonymous with summer is white. This all-white look feels both Grecian and breezy. Pair lightweight pants with a matching top to create a canvas for your accessories to shine. It's important that your belt and jewelry and any other accessories you add are good quality, since the look itself is so minimal.

1) ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo top (opens in new tab), $98 2) Jennifer Zeuner bracelet (opens in new tab), $165 3) Theory trousers (opens in new tab), $325 4) Maison Vaincourt belt (opens in new tab), $275

Day 7

A collage of clothing from the 'Day 7' look

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Pair this ultra-girly floral dress with small hoops and matching heels for a look that exudes joy.

1) Faithfull the Brand dress (opens in new tab), $113 2) Tai hoops (opens in new tab), $40 3) Maryam Nassir Zadeh heels (opens in new tab), $527

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Katie Attardo is the Accessories Editor at Marie Claire, covering all things fashion and jewelry-related.