The New, Why-Didn't-I-Think-of-That Way to Carry All Your Bags

Everybody's freaking out about it.

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Design by Katja Cho

It takes more than a Bauhaus reference to impress fashion people, so when the multi-exclamation-marked reactions to Wednesday night's Proenza Schouler show started streaming in, we sat up and paid attention to the lace-up details, the patent leather, and, most of all, to the uncommon way the chain-handle Hava bags were presented. 



The top four questions you're probably asking yourself now:

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Or do I hate it?
  3. It's like a clutch wearing jewelry? 
  4. Where do I put my left boob? 

    ::Raises hand:: Clearly, the biggest obstacle to overcome is the claustrophobic feeling tightly strapping a leather box around your torso might induce (but it's such a lovely way to die, being constricted by luxury purses), so 1) relax and 2) just loosen it so the top flap hits nearer to your waist than your armpit, which, conveniently, also solves the contorting-my-arms-to-get-the damn-thing-off problem. Now, doesn't that feel better?  

    P.S. "Bandolier-style" is the technical term for this fresh-feeling styling trick, which only makes it even more badass.  

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