Get on the Waitlist for These Shoes Now (They're That Good)

Cool for the summer.

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Pop quiz: Will you be anywhere shoes are required from now until the end of lobster roll/rooftop hang/popsicle cocktail season, because that's not how life works but totally should? Yes? Cool, I found your perfect summer shoe.

For spring, "radically transparent" wunderkind Everlane is debuting footwear: a sling-back sandal, a slide, and the Modern Babo ($145), the breakout star in an already-stacked lineup, IMHO. The nappa leather mule, modeled after the Moroccan babouche slipper, can be worn with the back up or collapsed like you do with your Supergas when you're too lazy to tie the laces. (PSA: This is considered Acne-level chic now. You're welcome.) 

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Everlane)

Now, the bad news: You can pre-order a pair or three now, but they won't ship until May 30. But that leaves plenty of time to shop the other two styles when they drop early next month—and to plan 97 outfits around your new Babos. 

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Everlane)

Modern Slide, $98,

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Everlane)

Street Sandal, $120,

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