Ear Suspenders Are the New Ear Jacket

Gigi Hadid and the gravity-defying jewelry trend.

Courtesy, design by Betsy Farrell

If we're ranking the types of creation, improving upon something someone else made (like a remix) undoubtedly comes in below making something novel (like an original Yeah Yeah Yeahs song). Ear cuffs once fell into the latter category, but they've been so thoroughly reworked that they've gradually moved into the former category. No worries, though—as fashion beats on, a new kind of earring has risen up to replace the ear cuff: the ear *suspender.*

Made by L.A.-based design duo (and best friends) Sara Smith and Mara Rothbart, these hooked studs are as versatile as they are chic: Worn conventionally, they resemble a modified hoop; worn flipped upside down, they create the optical illusion of an earring floating inside the ear. (Just imagine the styling possibilities with multiples—in different precious stones and metals, naturally—circling the lobe and cartilage. Brilliant.)

What's left to be seen is how it looks with the Piercing of the Moment. TBD, friends. TBD.


Smith + Mara ear suspenders, $150–$460, smithandmara.com.

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