On-the-Go Eye Shadows

If you only have room for one

shadow compact to carry around, pick a combo of neutrals that will compliment

any outfit. I'll only wear shadows for night outings, but one of my favorites

is Beauty Addicts' ExpressEYES ($35). The brand is based on making different

"moods" or looks with each line of their products. The Express line is their

'natural/casual' mix of matte and shimmer basics for the finishing touch on

your day-to-night transition.

I first took this out for a

test drive one night when a couple friends and I decided to go to a concert

downtown. I used a little of the lighter cream shade as a base and used the

chocolate brown color to contour. I smudged a little of

EffortlessEYES liner in Glow (navy blue) and went on my way. I came back

expecting massive creases after squeezing my way through the crowd all night,

but I actually thought the shadow looked better as the evening went on! Smudges

were minimal but the rich colors were glowing. Not bad, especially if you

consider it evens out to a little less than $9 a shadow. Use the cream or pink shades for day, and amp

it up with smokey browns for night.

Do you carry your eyeshadow

with you?

What are your go-to colors?

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