Marie Claire's Live-Twitter Blind Date

Marie Claire web associate Diana Vilibert went on a blind date with NYC comedian Adam Conover, and they both Tweeted it live! Read their post-date commentary and follow along as the date unfolded, tweet-by-tweet.

About Our Daters:

Adam Conover writes, directs, and performs with his comedy group, Olde English.

Diana Vilibert is Marie Claire's associate Web editor and a chronic oversharer.

HE SAID: This was one of the best blind dates I've ever been on. Diana was a total charmer, and we had a blast. She laughed at my jokes (the funny ones, anyway!) and was an awesome conversationalist, which helped us avoid the awkward silences that usually doom blind dates.

But what could be better than hitting it off on a blind date? Getting to read your date's moment by moment account of what she thought of you. I have to say that I'm amazed how often Diana and I seemed to be thinking the exact same thing simultaneously, from when we worried about puking on each other to when we both commented that the other was cute. And come on -- when it comes to dating fantasies, what could be better than knowing that your date is thinking this?

Reading the comments from the peanut gallery afterwards was beyond entertaining -- you guys are hilarious. The moment when you guys tipped her off that I had snuck a sip of her drink was priceless -- I can't believe you guys ratted me out! If anything, I wish there had been more such opportunities to interact with our "audience", though I admit I can't see how that could have been manageable -- we had enough to keep track of as it was between bowling, tweeting, and getting to know each other. To address one point: I did notice that some commenters thought it ungentlemanly of me to allow Diana to pay for bowling. I actually thought it was an awesome gesture on her part, and very cool. Of course, I made sure that the pizza and drinks we had afterward were on me.

Finally, I have to say that I'm amazed at how much of a success the concept of a live-tweeted date was--all of my friends were fascinated by the concept, and I was totally deluged by questions the next day. (To answer the one everyone's been asking: Yes, after we signed off, lips locked!) In short, the date was a total success -- thanks to the folks at Marie Claire for putting us together, and most of all to Diana for such a kick-ass evening!

SHE SAID: My date with Adam was one of my best blind dates yet--I was actually surprised it went as well as it did with the added pressure of having to stop and tweet every few minutes and knowing people were reading along. He was a great sport about it and took it in stride though, and my pre-date jitters disappeared minutes into our date. He was outgoing, really funny, and just gave off a great vibe that made me feel instantly comfortable.

As much as we clicked and got along though, for most of the date, I had no idea if he was into me until the date was nearing its end. He was a good date--engaging, talkative, and easy-going--but I couldn't tell if he was interested or if he's just the type of guy that gets along with everyone.

I was dying to cheat and peek at what he (and other Tweeters) were writing--though it's probably best I didn't read the reaction when I picked up the check at the bowling alley. Most of the tweeters following along were into the idea, but I was a little surprised at how strongly some others felt it was a bad move (one person even bet a free subscription to MC that this "cardinal date mistake" would kill any chance of a second date). Hi. Welcome to 2009. We're live-tweeting a blind date--I think we're a little past abiding by antiquated dating traditions. It was also a great way for me to gauge our compatibility. I knew if he acted offended or put off that we probably weren't a great match. (And besides, if we're going to be sticklers for old-fashioned gender roles on first dates, it was probably quite unladylike of me to check out his ass while he bowled or have an in-depth conversation about other blind dates.)

After we bowled two of the worst games ever bowled, he suggested we grab some pizza and another drink, which I was glad he suggested (despite apparent surprise from some tweeters). We bounced back from the mood-killing vibe of the pizza place pretty quickly once we got to the bar and cozied up on the couch, so kudos to him for suggesting it. It was a great chance to get a little closer and throw in some physical contact that didn't involve a post-strike high five. Sorry to leave you all hanging before we wrapped up the date! I didn't think there would be a kiss if we were typing away on our phones, and I was right. He kissed me almost as soon as we set our phones down, while I was in the middle of awkwardly rambling to fill the pre-kiss silence.

Overall, the date went great! I wish we had a chance to interact more with those following the date on Twitter and answer questions, but I think we were genuinely interested in getting to know each other more and having an actual date...we wouldn't have been able to do that if we tweeted any more than we did! A big thanks to Adam for going with the flow, and being a great sport and a great date!

Read Diana and Adam's Twitters below

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