Fashion Week Highlights: Designer Bags, Snuggies and Pompadours

It's fashion week and each season the industry gathers at Bryant Park for runway shows under the tents. It's every fashionista's dream to experience the glamour and excitement of New York Fashion Week. But, it's also exhausting. Traveling from our uptown offices down to Bryant Park is tiresome, navigating the cobblestoned walkways in your best stilettos is dangerous, and then there's the rain that always leaves you frizzed.

Even with the occasionally scuffed heel or uncoiffed 'do, it's completely worth it. There is always something that amuses and surprises me during fashion week. This year - my amusement came in the form of an invite to a Snuggie fashion show revealing the latest fabrics and colors for America's favorite "blanket with sleeves." My surprise came by way of an email from (previously Bag Borrow or Steal) that loaned me a fabulous Chanel bag for the week.

This season's shows were fantastic - from the mile-high pompadour hairstyles at Tracy Reese to the opera-inspired makeup looks at Marc Jacobs - maybe the shows just get better and better each season - or perhaps, having "Coco" on my shoulder added to the thrill. Either way, I know that when fashion week wraps up and I gently tuck my Chanel bag back into the UPS box it arrived in, I'll be lonesome without my pleated pal. But, after a pedicure and a few good nights of sleep, life will be back to normal. I'll look forward to relaxing and recouping at home - maybe even engulfed in the warmth of a Snuggie - until the excitement starts again next season.

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