Live from Sundance: Celebrities Everywhere!

MC's Jessica Henderson has been blogging live from the Sundance Film Festival—one of the hazards of the job? Running into celebrities on every corner. Here's list of the famous faces she's come across over the past few days.

Adam Brody

Sean West

Stephanie Pratt

Josh Duhamel

Katie Holmes


Elijah Wood

Sissy Spacek

Ben Affleck

That chick from Extra

Mario Lopez

Bill Murray

Robert Duvall

Lucas Black

Crispin Glover

Bob Saget

Danny Masterson

Jared Leto

Steve Aoki

Malin Akerman

John C. Reilly

Jonah Hill

Marisa Tomei

That guy that plays Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore

Riley Keough

Adrian Grenier

John Legend

Samuel L. Jackson

Naomi Watts

Kerry Washington

Jimmy Smits

Rachel Hunter

Bradley Cooper

Sendhil Ramamurthy

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