Big Girl in a Skinny World: New Favorite Fashion Blogs

Hello Ladies,

It's been a while since I last blogged about other fashionable bloggers and, well, there's no time like the present. I have always been addicted to all things fashion, and as I become more and more aware of the amazing fashion-forward big girl voices out there, I find myself scrambling to find the time to take them all in! I truly believe that one is never done learning, and blogs give you the opportunity to see the world through another's eyes, which, in my opinion, is the best way to learn and grow.

One of my favorite new finds is a lovely girl named Sakina. She pens (or should I say types) the blog Saks in the City, which in my opinion is the definition of chic. Sakina's fashion sensibilities are exquisite. Her outfits always inspire, and the photographs are always divine. The blog is written in both English and French, though many times words are almost unnecessary. I'm absolutely smitten with a look from one of her more recent posts: a nude blazer, white top with button detail and a floral skirt. What I love most about Sakina's blog is not what she wears, but the confidence with which she wears her clothes.

Another blog that has recently made it on my bookmarks list: An Olive a Day, written by a 22 year-old fashionista named Olivia. Her style definitely has a vintage flair, which is very apparent on the blog. She really has a great eye for new pieces in the plus-size market.

Any other bloggers I should know about? I'm always looking for more inspiration, though I'm convinced that soon I won't have enough hours in a day to keep up with my must-reads!



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