We're on a "Fashion Mission"

Two bloggers attack style challenges each week of YouTube's Hello Style channel, all in the name of fashion.

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Lindsey Calla prefers to be called "Saucy Glossy," and admits to terrible weaknesses for hats and ruffles. Karen Blanchard uses the alias "KarenBritChick," loves mixing prints, and is inspired by rock and roll. However, these two lovely ladies aren't spies — they're fashion bloggers, and the stars of MC's new show, "Fashion Mission."

Every Friday, Karen and Lindsey appear on Hello Style, a YouTube network chock-full of fashion- and beauty-centric content. In weekly segments, the bloggers take on styling challenges thrown out by MC's Senior Fashion Editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi. Their first assignment: putting together an outfit for a first date at Goodwill for under $50. We're super-impressed by their finds, and loved seeing them inside our fashion closet!

What seemingly-impossible task will these women conquer next? Subscribe to Hello Style, and find out Friday!

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