Designer John Bartlett Partners with Farm Sanctuary on Tee-Shirt Capsule Collection

John Bartlett may best be known for his award-winning designs, yet Bartlett is also a superstar in the animal rights community. Thanks to years of animal rights advocacy, campaigning, and his vegan lifestyle, John has always fought for our furry friends. Now the CFDA-winner has teamed up with Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit that works on behalf of abused and neglected farm animals, to create a capsule collection of tee-shirts. The black tees feature silhouettes of one of the three most recognizable farm animals in our country (cow, chicken, and pig), and 10 percent of proceeds from each sale will be donated to Farm Sanctuary.

The shirts are made for men and women, and here is Marie Claire Bookings Director wearing his tee-shirt of choice (the chicken!). Each tee retails for $40 and is sold exclusively here.

And below are Marie Claire Associate Accessories Editor Bryn Poulos and I rocking two of the tees!

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