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Q&A with Rachel Zoe on Her Latest for Mother's Day

We're now six days out from Mother's Day, so who else to consult on the topic of the all-important Mother's Day gift than style guru and famous mom, Rachel Zoe? When we got word that ShoeDazzle was partnering with Zoe's absolute favorite charity, Baby2Baby, we couldn't help but get ahold of her to discuss. What we found out is that Baby2Baby is a pretty stellar organization that supplies in-need Los Angeles families with baby gear essentials, serving more than 50,000 children each year. Whether you're a mother or not, Baby2Baby is an organization behind which all women can get!

Tell me about what's going on with your ShoeDazzle/Baby2Baby partnership!

I became a Chief Stylist for ShoeDazzle, and I couldn't love them more. They're the nicest people ever. I love the site so much that my whole office is decked out in ShoeDazzle right now. I fell in love with the CEO, Brian Lee, and his wife, Mira, who were big supporters of Baby2Baby, so we started brainstorming about what we can do to raise more awareness for the organization. I've always been about the children, and that's become even stronger since I've become a mother.

How did you think to pair ShoeDazzle and Baby2Baby?

I have my own boutique on ShoeDazzle where I highlight my favorite trends. From May 6-May 12, 10 percent of net sales from my May Boutique will be donated to Baby2Baby, up to $10,000. I'm a stylist, so I'm doing what I love to do. It's a love affair. They're such nice people and I totally believe in what they're doing — we really share the same belief that everyone can and should be stylish, and you don't need to be rich to do so.

This comes just in time for Mother's Day!

Rodger and I actually aren't going to be together on Mother's Day this year, so we're going to celebrate on Sunday! Mother's Day was always a big deal for my family — I have a really close family, so that was always the thing. It was always a day in Manhattan with a beautiful brunch and the whole family together.

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