Brace Yourselves: Phillip Lim for Target Throws Editors into a Frenzy

Instead of going home to unwind after our first full day of New York Fashion Week shows, we braved a crowd of hundreds to preview (and pre-shop) the highly anticipated Phillip Lim collection for Target. With an interactive digital panorama as our backdrop and celebrity fans of the designer mingling among us — Jessica Alba, Solange, and Emile Hirsch to name a few — we weren't quite expecting the crush that we walked into. Although the line doesn't officially hit stores until September 15, we're pretty sure that we'll be seeing the collaboration everywhere this week, considering how quickly the editors in attendance were snatching up the items. We didn't purchase anything from the collection, but we did notice which pieces the most shoppers were hoarding: The mini satchel in gold ($34.99) and the animal print skirt ($29.99) were picked up in an instant, and the staff couldn't keep restocking the "Boom" sweatshirt ($29.99) fast enough. Last night only confirmed that Phillip Lim's line for Target is full of collectors' items, so if you've been eyeing a specific piece, consider this your warning to head to the moment it drops.

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