12 of the Best Things You Can Have Customized

Because it's not yours until your mom/the monogram people write your initials on it.

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Call it residual summer camp behavior or simply "marking your territory," but monogramming really is one of life's luxuries in that it denotes ownership and identity and blah blah blah. Here, shop 12 customizable clothes and accessories you can have emblazoned with your name, initials, or "pervert," if that's what you answer to.

<p>Ariel Gordon alphabet bracelet, $235, <a href="http://rstyle.me/n/bpgut5bqb8f" target="_blank">arielgordon.com</a>.</p>
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A Charm Bracelet with the Potential to Be * So* Vulgar

Ariel Gordon alphabet bracelet, $235, arielgordon.com.

<p>Rivet & Thread drawstring bucket bag, $268, <a href="http://rstyle.me/n/bpe3bebqb8f">madewell.com</a>.</p>
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The Bucket-iest Bucket Bag Money Can Buy

Rivet & Thread drawstring bucket bag, $268, madewell.com.

<p>Custom tights, $185, <a href="http://rstyle.me/n/bnqnaabqb8f">alalastyle.com</a>.</p>
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Monogrammed Exercise Tights So They Know Who You Are When You Pass Out

Custom tights, $185, alalastyle.com.

<p>Donni Charm neckerchief, $76, <a href="http://rstyle.me/n/bpe3pibqb8f">donnicharm.com</a>.</p>
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The Neckerchief Gigi Hadid Owns

Donni Charm neckerchief, $76, donnicharm.com.

<p>J.Crew mini leather bucket bag, $74, <a href="http://rstyle.me/n/bpe5aibqb8f">jcrew.com</a>.</p>
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A Bubblegum Pink Bucket Bag

J.Crew mini leather bucket bag, $74, jcrew.com.

<p>Leather loafers, $518, <a href="https://shop.kitsune.fr/man/spring-summer-collection/shoes.html#/product/penny-loafer-chambray-beige-men">shopkitsune.fr</a>.</p>
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The Loafers of Your Prep-School Dreams

Leather loafers, $518, shopkitsune.fr.

<p>Mark and Graham copper tray, $175, <a href="http://rstyle.me/n/5w5ymbqb8f">markandgraham.com</a>.</p>
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A Copper Tray for Serving Cocktails (to Yourself)

Mark and Graham copper tray, $175, markandgraham.com.

<p>Minnie and Emma iPhone case, $59, <a href="http://minnieandemma.com/pin-shop-phone-or-ipad-case.html">minnieandemma.com</a>.</p>
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An iPhone Case That Comes Pre-Stickered

Minnie and Emma iPhone case, $59, minnieandemma.com.

<p>Nouvel Heritage rose gold bracelet, $950, <a href="http://www.nouvelheritage.com/products/signature-rose-gold-bracelet">nouvelheritage.com</a>.</p>
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The French Version of an ID Bracelet

Nouvel Heritage rose gold bracelet, $950, nouvelheritage.com.

<p>Danielle Giuzio bomber jacket, $110, <a href="http://www.danielleguiziony.com/women/personalized-bomber-jacket-1">daniellegiuziony.com</a>.</p>
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The Bomber Jacket

Danielle Giuzio bomber jacket, $110, daniellegiuziony.com.

<p>Cuyana leather keychain, $55, <a href="http://rstyle.me/n/bj94ddbqb8f">cuyana.com</a>.</p>
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The Grown-Up Keychain

Cuyana leather keychain, $55, cuyana.com.

<p>V-MODA headphones, $150, <a href="http://v-moda.com/crossfade-lp/">v-moda.com</a>.</p>
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The "What Is the Rudest Thing I Could Have Engraved on Them" Headphones

V-MODA headphones, $150, v-moda.com.

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