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10 Headbands for Getting in on the Trend Early

Ruth Negga, Altuzarra, and you.

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Only a handful of designers showed headbands for Fall 2017, but around these parts, three's a trend. Plus Ruth Negga wore one to the Oscars, and Hillary is now something of a folk hero, so that counts for something too. Ahead, shop 10 models, whether your vibe is political or Pearl Earring.

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Like having a $7,000 Sottsass Ultrafragola mirror sprouting from your cranium. 

$190, avenue32.com.

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If Dolce & Gabbana is out of your league.

$12.50, asos.com.

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Benoît Missolin

Prada studies abroad in the U.K. 

$84, matchesfashion.com.

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Club Monaco

This'll do while you're saving up for a pair of Marco de Vincenzo sandals.

$59.50, shopspring.com.

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J. Crew

Classic, but with a double-strand twist.

$18, jcrew.com.

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For your own Beyoncé halo. 

$170, net-a-porter.com.

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Pre-knotted so you can avoid texting "Be there in 5" while you're actually watching YouTube tutorials and crying in the bathroom because you've committed to a look you don't know how to do. 

$30, shop.mango.com.

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Miu Miu

Because you're worth it. (Or just get a vintage bathing cap, honestly.)

$345, net-a-porter.com.

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Nobody really needs a headband with palm trees and smiley Easter Island heads, which is the beauty of it.

$280, net-a-porter.com.

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Maison Michel

A modern work of art, materials: leather that looks like cellophane.  

$295, modaoperandi.com.

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