Everything in Fashion Looks Like Fruit Emoji Right Now and We Have Proof

It's 🍌🍌🍌.

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Getty, courtesy, design by Betsy Farrell

Unless you've been living in a pineapple under the sea, you will have noticed that cherries and strawberries and, basically, fruit salad are the newest fashion darlings. Not convinced? Ahead, 17 outfits that look like they came straight from the produce department.

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Giambattista Valli

Fruit ID: 🍓

Nobody can say why, but strawberries are one of the sexiest fruits—especially when they're paired with a hot-and-cold mix of sheerness and granny panties. 

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Giambattista Valli

Fruit ID: 🍒

Same with cherries, which are shaping up to be the new, new It fruit. (Did I just say It fruit?)

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Fruit ID: 🍌

As a symbol of the Guerrilla Girls art collective. And getting your recommended daily intake of potassium. 

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Fruit ID: 🍍

They've infiltrated practically every arena of life, from home décor to phone cases to the music industry (as in pineapples are to some bands as what the Jolly Roger is to pirates). Now they're coming for your closet.

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Fruit ID: 🍍🍍

Two sparkly ananas as kitschy sleeves, as seen on our ScarJo cover

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Dolce & Gabbana

Fruit ID: 🍊

Orange you glad I can't complete the joke? 

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Fruit ID: 🍋

Thanks, Beyoncé. 

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Stella Jean

Fruit ID: 🍍

As part of a balanced diet and the still life on your jacket.

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Fruit ID: 🍍🍍

::figures out way to wear it backwards::

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House of Holland

Fruit ID: 🍍

Millennials, in one outfit.

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Fruit ID: 🍍

Once again for the people in the back: Leopard is a neutral—if this pic doesn't prove it, nothing will. 

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Rosie Assoulin

Fruit ID: 🍌, 🍓,  🍉

If you look closely, these are the shapes that make up the patchwork top. 

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Rosie Assoulin

Fruit ID: 🍍, 🍉, 🍇, 🍌, 🍑, 🍆 (it is technically a fruit—look it up)

We also spy some radishes, carrots, and a whole lot of "I want to get married in this like I'm in a Gail Carson Levine fairy tale."

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Fruit ID: 🍍

Do want.

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Fruit ID: 🍒

It's not a huddle—it's a salad.

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Charlotte Olympia

Fruit ID: 🍍


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