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Giddy-up: Fashion Week Isn't Over, but We Can Already Call This *The* Next Big Trend


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There are still a few more days to go yet—then three more weeks overseas—but ladies and gentlemen, we've got an early Fashion Week winner: cowboy boots, set to become the only shoe that matters. Ahead, 10 examples that might spur you into action (I'm laughing way too hard, sorry).

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Red Boot

From R13, we've got a nod to a particular subculture that wears Monster-branded trucker hats and plaid shirts not for the irony, but utility. (Even if in this instance, that plaid shirt has been tied into a skirt.) 

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Red Boot

When the street style is already next-season. 

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Red Boot

And at Calvin Klein, the cowboy boot's normalizing power. Here, with a rubbery dress, they bring Raf Simons' American horror story down to earth.

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Red Boot

Note the red shoe against the pink bag—big color combo for spring, you heard it here first. 

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White Boot

But that's not all! To show the versatility of the cowboy boot in non-close-to-its-intended usages, here they are topping (or bottoming, lol) off a series of looks from party-ready designer Cinq à Sept. See how they take down the fanciness of a marabou jacket? Clever.

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White Boot

Especially into them with a gown, but if we're being honest, we're much more likely to copy the left-most look—where the boots replace sneakers in a slip dress/T-shirt pairing—for a more unexpected finish.

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White Boot

Denim on denim, white on white—but broken up with a shoe that's not Adidas or a straightforward ankle boot. (Though those are still going strong.)

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White Boot

Saloon madame who could shot you between the eyes at fifty paces with a sawed-off rifle in a great way. 

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Black Boot

Most bloggers and fashion people who've worn versions of this puff-sleeve Regina Pyo dress have done so with ladylike heels, but not Jan Quammie. How cool is she? (Also, another mega color moment with Tamu McPherson's minty green.) 

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Black Boot

And if it's got Veronika Heilbrunner's stamp of approval—being that she's sold us on Timberlands and legit running shoes with dresses—we're once again very here for this.

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