The Chic New 1969 Soho Store Makes Jeans Shopping Kind of Awesome

Confession: I have worn Gap jeans exclusively since the 90s. In fact, I still have an uber-faded pair leftover from high school because the fact that they still actually fit cheers me to no end. (I choose to overlook that some natural stretching has surely occurred over the years.) Don't get me wrong, I've dabbled elsewhere over the ahem, decades, but the truth is that for many of us, there's nothing more frustrating than jeans shopping, and I've always managed to find the perfect fit at the Gap, so I've remained a loyal client.

So naturally I was overjoyed to brave the slushy pavement in order to check out the new 1969 Soho store which is basically any denim enthusiast's dream come true, and really does seem to be a bright haven when it comes to scoring the perfect pair. Think every style of jean you could imagine in tons of sizes—take note skinnies: right now it's all about the wide leg/high waist trouser combo, $69.50, left—a well-trained in the Mystical Arts of Denim staff, a central iPad station to help with styling ideas and for ordering any items that might, god forbid, be out of stock, and all manner of exclusives such as a slouchy chambray jacket that would look insanely chic over a little dress (or with jeans!) this spring if it ever gets here. Check the new store out at 513 Broadway in NYC and online here.

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