Jimmy Kimmel Gets Fashion Lovers to Discuss Fake Designers

The comedian also got Fashion Week fans to try on the latest trend: the "headless dress."

Check out the most talked-about designers at Fashion Week: Chandler Bing, Betsy Ross, and Teddy Ruxpin. Sure, one is fictional, one is historical, and one is a children's toy, but Jimmy Kimmel made people think they were up-and-coming fashion fixtures.

On last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the funnyman sent an interview team to Lincoln Center to chat up the fashion set. But instead of asking about Alexander Wang or Marc Jacobs, they were asked about completely made up fashion designers. Everyone in the clip just goes with it, talking about how Phil Robertson (actually of Duck Dynasty) has a legacy to uphold and how Antonin Scalia (a Supreme Court justice) masters the art of the robe.

It was part of Kimmel's occasional "Lie Witness News" series, which aims to show the lengths people will go to avoid looking uninformed. Instead of admitting they didn't know something, street-style stars said they knew all about Heidi Klum face-planting during a runway show, and took the concept of a "headless dress" seriously. (Though seeing one of those at next year's New York Fashion Week wouldn't be all that surprising.)

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