Chrissy Teigen, Pregnancy Hero, Says "My Nipples Are All Sorts of Weird"

Same but not pregnant.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
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When it comes to pregnancy, Chrissy Teigen's attitude is decidedly "sharing is caring"—especially when it comes to her changing breasts (or, in the words of Fergie, her lovely lady lumps).

"I'm still second trimester and...I think I'm rocking a 40 double D now," Chrissy shared during a recent episode of FABLife. "That's like a nipple cover for me right now, by the way," she added when her co-host showed her a bra. "My nipples are all sorts of weird. I'm so happy that I showed them off so much on Instagram, because I'll never see them again. Ever."

As anyone who has pushed another human out of themselves knows, breasts change a lot during pregnancy. Not only is there a cup size increase, areolas tend to darken and get significantly larger. To echo Chrissy, things get all kinds of whack. But like, in a cool "miracle of life" way, of course!

Anyway, props to Chrissy for keeping it real.

Chrissy Teigen running and blowing kisses.

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