Kim Kardashian AKA "Princess Kimberly" Had a MySpace Profile in 2006, and This Is It

She wanted to meet God and had 856 friends.

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Before Kim Kardashian became the megastar that she is, there was a simpler time. A time when friends knew their place because you had to publicly rank them. A time when GIFs were really just super sparkly images of crowns and stars that said stuff like, "BFF4Lyfe" and "Thanks 4 the Add!". A time when a selfie was a picture of you (and your bulky camera) in the bathroom mirror.

And yes, even Kim was a part of this simpler time. And Us Weekly revealed the photo to prove it—her 2006 Myspace page, which answers so many life questions we have about the star.

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Who was her hero? Her daddy. Who did she want to meet? God. Did she drink or smoke? No and no. Ray J was in her top 8, and so were Kourtney and Brody Jenner and some girl named Sarah. She had 856 friends and went by "Princess Kimberly." Her tagline? "I'm a princess and you're not so there." (Clever.)

All we have to say is—Kim, you'd be in our top 8. (But only if we're in yours. Add4Add.)

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