This Is How Kim Kardashian Celebrates Reaching 50 Million Instagram

Hint: It involves North.


Hollywood stars tend to celebrate things that most humans do (birthdays, anniversaries, baby news), but they also celebrate stuff that not everyone else does—like getting a ton of Instagram followers. After realizing she had 50 million followers on Instagram (side note: that's a lot of people), Kim Kardashian took to the platform to thank all her fans.

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"WAIT!!!! I KNOW I'M LATE BUT 50 MILLION INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS!!!! SERIOUSLY YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!!" she wrote, with a silly selfie and a somewhat (could it be?) smiling Kanye.

But then, she gave us the greatest gift of all. A picture of North at her baby shower, a shower with an amazingly awesome Troop Beverly Hills theme.

Seriously, how cute is that kid?

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